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Adoption-Florida Adoption Center LLC

This agency offers adoption as an alternative parenting option. They help support birth mothers and adoptive parents. Help is offered before, during, and after adoption. They also provide resources for birth parents who choose to parent. The support is offered at no cost. Please call or visit the website for more information.

Toll Free: 1.855.899.5683
Birth Parents: 321.250.5683
Adoption Parents: 321.766.5683

After School Tutoring & Summer Enrichment - Guadalupe Center

This group offers an after-school program. It offers tutoring and summer enrichment. It is for students in grades K-2. These students have scored below grade-level on county assessments. The program gives them extra attention. As well as the support they need to reach academic milestones. These milestones will help them be successful in school. The tutors are local high school students. Please call or visit the website for more information.

Behavioral Health Bureau - Collier County Sheriff's Office

Collier County Sheriff's Office provides a Mental Health Unit. This unit helps people in behavioral crisis resulting from known or suspected mental illness and drug or alcohol addiction.

Mental Health Unit Officers:

  • Provide external support for the community
  • Are involved in the Treatment Court Team
  • Are a liaison with our community partners
  • Are a part of the Mental Health Intervention Team
  • Are essential with law enforcement assisted diversion
  • Provide internal support for CCSO members

Please call or visit website for more information.