Zion Daughters of Distinction Ministries, Inc. - S.W.A.N. Program

The S.W.A.N. Program provides a wide range of services to those in need.

  • Clothing Donation Programs
  • Computer and Related Technology Classes
  • Food Vouchers
  • GED Instruction
  • General Clothing Provision
  • Household Goods Donation Programs
  • Personal Financial Counseling
  • Religion/Spirituality Related Support Groups
  • Self Esteem Workshops
  • Spiritual/Religious Issues Counseling
  • Training Skills Development
  • VITA Programs
  • Work Clothing

Other services are available. Please call for more information.


Zion Daughters of Distrinction Ministries, Inc.


Zion Daughters of Distinction Ministries, Inc. helps women, youth, elderly and their families. They have a needs program that offers many services.

  • “Me, Myself & I” self-awareness workshops for youth and adults
  • Assist with co-payments for medical and prescriptions for only youth, disable and the elderly
  • Assist with preparing a professional resume
  • Assist with preparing for interviews through role-playing
  • Free computer training classes
  • GED online access in computer lab
  • Improve the positive self-awareness in youth, women, and their families
  • One on One personal mentoring and counseling for youth, elderly, women, and their families recovering from abuse or mental disorders
  • Provide computer access for job searching
  • Provide healthy Self-concept literature and resources for home study
  • Provide interview attire from a Big Sisters Closet
  • Provide referral to Workforce Solutions Agency and etc.
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Weekly Healthy Self-concept classes
  • Z-DAUGHTERS: a preventive measure to promote healthy life styles in young ladies (ages 9-18)


707 N 7th Street
Fort Pierce, FL 34950