ALPHA Prevention Program

This group offers the ALPHA program. It is a school-based prevention program. The program offers support to students. As well as counseling services. The available services are free of charge during school hours. They are offered at seven elementary schools in Orange County. There are eligibility requirements that must be met to participate. Please call or visit the website for locations and more information.

Services Available:

  • Counseling
  • Academic Assistance
  • Character Education Lessons
  • Mentoring
  • Family Support
Service Location

434 W Kennedy Blvd
Orlando, FL 32810
United States

407.875.3700 ext 1169


This is a behavioral health care organization. It is a nonprofit group. They work to provide high-quality mental health care. The group offers individuals and families the chance to lead healthier lives.


5151 Adanson Street, Suite 200
Orlando, FL 32804
United States