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Jax ReCyle - Donated Bicycles

Jax ReCycle is a group of volunteers who refurbish discarded or donated bicycles to give to those who need them to get to work. The bicycles are free to recipients. Volunteers put their time, energy, and resources into making this option available. The owner of a ReCycled bike may be able to get to work more easily, arrive to work more quickly, and consistently on time. Please call for more information.

JTA - Connexion Paratransit Services

Connexion is JTA's paratransit service. It provides transportation services to disabled and disadvantaged riders unable to use the fixed route buses or rail service. There are fees for each ride. Assessments for the service are done in person. Please see the website for more information.

Important Numbers:
Cancellations: 904.265.8927
Customer Service: 904.265.8928
Eligibility Center: 904.265.6001
Reservations: 904.265.6999
TDD: 904.636.7404