Healthy Families of Charlotte County

Healthy Families Florida offers services prenatally or at the birth of a baby to families who are voluntarily assessed as needing Healthy Families services using the validated Healthy Families Florida Assessment Tool (HFFAT).

Services can last for up to five years depending on the needs of the family. In addition to being pregnant or having just given birth, the family must reside in the targeted zip code area where services are provided and score 13 or above on the HFFAT. Families who have an open child protection case at the time of assessment are not eligible for Healthy Families Florida.

Please call 941.629.6477

Service Location: 

21450 Gilbralter Drive, Suite 9, Port Charlotte, FL, 33952


Healthy Families Florida


We look to help build positive family interactions. We look to improve the health status of children and their families. We also strive to promote a safe environment for children. Please call for more info.


111 North Gadsden Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301