March of Dimes - Advocacy

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March of Dimes speaks out for laws that improve health care for women and children. Volunteers and staff reach out to government officials in response to Florida action alerts. Topics of interest may include health care coverage, research and public policy studies. Local volunteers are always welcome. Please call for more information.

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1009 SW Main Boulevard
Suite 110
Lake City, FL 32025
United States



This agency strives to improve birth outcomes for babies everywhere. March of Dimes works in local communities and also globally. They supply doctors with educational materials to give to pregnant women. They advocate for screening of newborns to detect and treat diseases. They sponsor local events such as the March For Babies. Money raised supports programs in the local community. They offer resources and comfort to families who have lost a baby or has been born too soon. Please see the website for more information.


1831 NW 13th Street
Gainesville, FL 32609
United States